December 7, 2009

Less Dirty, More Fun?

Before the guys headed out for a day of romping around in the dirt, I was able to meet up with them to snap a few cold photos and address the concerns of one of the Foz guys.

Pics @ RMR:

After some parking lot fun, I was able to talk with Alex about his rear mudflaps and address the concerns he had as far as mounting and being able to use his old mudflaps hardware. I understood that it wasn't necessarily the FLAPATAX design, but that he wanted to be able to use the 3 mounting spots his old mudflaps used as opposed to the 2 mounting spots that FLAPATAX uses. All in all the Foresters are ready to go and the FLAPATAX mudflaps looked stellar out @ Dugway!

Thanks to those who got some great shots of FLAPATAX Mudflaps hard at work on Saturday:

Maybe not less dirty, but definitely more fun!! To see these photos and more visit,
Flapatax on Flickr and Pumpkyn on Flickr