January 21, 2010

Great White Hype

Here they are,

Wasn't sure how these would turn out, but damn!! So FRESH and SOOOO clean, clean. Thanks to Mason for ordering a pair of white FLAPATAX - he's definitely peaked the interest of others :)

Thanks to Mason for taking a photo of his clean aspen white WRX wagon,

January 17, 2010

The Basics

More installation goodness...

Click on photos to see full-size

Please excuse the dirty man hands lol

Note, the car pictured does not have wheel liners.
Refer to this post for photos of installation with wheel liners :)

Note, the car pictured has rear spats.

Car pictured is a 2004 Subaru WRX

January 16, 2010

Installing FLAPATAX Mudflaps...

The installation for any and all FLAPATAX Mudflaps is basically the same, the holes are just found in different places. Please don't hesitate to email, flapatax@gmail.com, me if you need further instruction!

Install time is 15-20 minutes

1. Notice the hardware

2. Turn the wheels so you have room to work. Remove the clips holding the front wheel well.

3. Pay attention to these 2 holes. Then place the u-nuts on those 2 holes.

4. It should look like this.

5. Place the wheel well back. Then place the flap and bolt in. Make sure it is tight.

6. The front is now done.

The installation of the rears is the same process :)

January 13, 2010

*UPDATE* as of January 13th 2010

So :)

There hasn't been a lot of activity on here, but that doesn't mean there aren't a few changes and improvements. I wanted to address some of the more important things, like shipping, payment and how to get your hands on a set of your very own FLAPATAX.

I also wanted to clear up some things about what my goal with FLAPATAX is as far as "the competition".

I did not start this to dominate a certain market or to necessarily compete with other companies that do the same thing. I went into this wanting a set of mudflaps for my friends and I that were affordable, but also reliable and durable. I definitely believe that I have achieved this and that there is always going to be room for improvement. I value all the opinions and suggestions that I have received from friends and customers, thus far :) In short, am I here to be the next "big thing"? No, at least not intentionally lol.

What I am here to do is provide people with something that is not only affordable, but can stand up to products that cost twice as much.

Now that, that is out of the way lets get down to total cost and shipping.

The PRICE has certainly changed since we started producing them only 6 months ago, but that is only a reflection of the hardware necessary to maintain the simplicity of installation while keeping it tough enough to stand up to some of the elements you guys put them through! :P

What you get:
Set of polyurethane front and rear mudflaps
Hardware to install all 4 mudflaps (+bracket and hardware for 08+ STi/WRX)
and 2 1x2.5inch FLAPATAX decals (Colors available, here - If not specified 2 BLACK decals will be provided)

How much you PAY:

$45 picked up
$55 shipped
$55 picked up - 08+ STi Wagon/11+ WRX Wagon
$65 shipped - 08+ STi Wagon/11+ WRX Wagon

Right now I accept PayPal only via flapatax@gmail.com

I know this isn't the most convenient way for you guys to order, but hopefully later this year (mid-summer) we'll have a proper site up and running :)

I use USPS for SHIPPING out orders and try to ship within 2-3 business days (M-Fri) of receiving an order and have the confirmation number to you same day.

There are several places to get a hold of me if not through email. I post on SLCSubaru.com under the usernames - Pumpkyn and FLAPATAX. I also have a vendor section on SLCSubaru.com that can be found here along with photos from other FLAPATAX customers and general discussion.

I also post on NASIOC.com, Flat4LV.com, ClubWRX.net, and MySubie.com under the username - Pumpkyn

**Also we now have WHITE FLAPATAX available if you're interested**

FLAPATAX Mudflaps - Salt Lake City, UT 84120
(385)-204-6616 | flapatax@gmail.com
FOLLOW Us on Twitter @FLAPATAX | Come See Us on FLICKR

For any questions or concerns
PLEASE DON'T HESITATE to email me at:
(or djpumpkyn@gmail.com this email is connected to my phone.)