December 21, 2010

Christmas time...

As the holiday fast approaches we'll be shipping until Thursday 12/23. Any orders made after midnight PST on Thursday 12/23 will be shipped on Monday, January 3rd 2011.

Thanks for making 2010 such a success! We appreciate everyone who has supported us and who will continue to :)

Happy holidays! Cheers to the upcoming new year and may all your goals become achievements.

- FLAPATAX cr00 ;)~

December 15, 2010

We've gone and done it now ;)

is officially up and running, there are still things we're tweaking and setting up...but it's LEGIT! haha

Check us out :)

December 13, 2010

New era...

Just wanted to let everyone know that we are in a transition point with our decal/vinyl provider. Some colors are out of stock, but should be refilled by 12/20 - 12/24 at the latest!

Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused, we will be updating our decal list ASAP :)

October 30, 2010

SEMA Week :)

Last day to finish things up then we're hittin' the road for SEMA - all orders received today [Oct.30th] thru Sunday [Nov.7th] will be shipped the following Monday [Nov.8th]

We'll be tweeting live @FLAPATAX and uploading photos @ FLICKr

Happy Saturday!

October 22, 2010

the 411

NEW blog @ tumblr - More customer pics/show content

September 16, 2010

The task at hand...

Decided to take the wrapping of parts into my own hands, after having a little spat with Putheara earlier today (we hugged it out, bitches) about time, laziness, and general DGAF'erry I have all my parts and supplies sitting in the back of the WRX. This weekend should be fun, ha! I'll be rolling around in the Lexus while the Subaru sits garaged and apart :)

I ain't mad, shit happens and after communicating with Putheara we finally understood where each other was coming from. His busy schedule and my general lack of patience was met and agreed upon that I should just nut up and take it on myself. So here's to learning something new and practicing what I have come to preach...

'if you want it done right, do it your damn self'

September 13, 2010

Silver Lining :)

Welp after starting off the day returning the damaged carbon/kevlar for the hood of the WRX, something I didn't want to have to do, things took a turn for the positive :) Thanks to Greg for sending me over a photo of his wrb WRX with his mudflaps installed. Looking good man!!

September 12, 2010

Peach Days...

Looks like Christmas came a little early :)~ 2 of the FLAPATAX homies, Phil and Andy reppin' hard at yesterday's Peach Days Car Show. Foresters are looking good fellas!

Photo taken by Phil

September 2, 2010

The List | We have mudflaps for you :)

The vehicles we currently do mudflaps for...


|| Impreza RS/2.5i ||
| coupe/sedan/wagon |
1993 - 2011
*2006-2007 wagon
requires drilling top hole on front mudflap*

|| Impreza WRX ||
| wagon/sedan |
2002 - 2010
*2006-2007 wagon
requires drilling top hole on front mudflap*

|| Impreza WRX STi ||
| sedan |
2004 - 2007

|| Impreza WRX ||
| wagon |

|| Impreza WRX STi ||
| wagon |
2008 - 2011

|| Legacy ||
| wagon/sedan |
1995 - 2009

|| Legacy 2.5GT ||
| wagon/sedan |
1995 - 2009

|| Forester ||
| wagon |
2003 - 2008

|| Baja ||
| pickup |
2003 - 2006
*requires drilling into car for
top holes on FRONT and REAR*


| Volkswagen |

|| Jetta ||
| sedan |
1999.5 - 2004

|| Golf/R32 ||
| hatchback |
1999.5 - 2004


In the works...


|| Forester ||
| wagon |
1998 - 2002

|| Impreza WRX ||
| sedan |

|| Impreza WRX STi ||
| sedan |


| Mitsubishi |

|| Lancer EVOlution ||
| sedan |
2003 - 2011


Don't see what you're looking for?

September 1, 2010

The Replacement

Glad to see Carlos received the replacement mudflap for his clean 2007 aspen white Subaru STi,

August 25, 2010

UPDATED - Tues, Oct. 5th

**As of today (Tues, Oct. 5th) the red FLAPATAX mudflaps are on back order. My apologies to those of you who have ordered a set of RED mudflaps within the last week. I have emailed those whose orders have been affected. Will update once the new shipment is in.

Limited run of RED FLAPATAX mudflaps are here!! The cut shown below is for the 2004-2008 Subaru Forester :) Thanks to Phil for finally getting me to look into getting RED out there.

PRICE: $65 (shipped) and $55 (picked up)

July 28, 2010


Example decal
FRONT mudlfap (8.5" x 10")
REAR mudflap (11.5" x 13.5")

*The photo below does not show the UPDATED design above*

  1. Your choice of 3/16's inch thick BLACK or WHITE hard polyurethane (Original or Simplified design) goodness
  2. Bolt and nut attachments +washers (+bracket and extra hardware for 08+ STi/WRX)
  3. 2 nifty any-color-you-want decals :)

FLAPATAX Mudflaps - Salt Lake City, UT 84120
(385)-204-6616 |
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All sales are FINAL

June 1, 2010

the Digits :)

WE have a new number!!

FLAPATAX Mudflaps - Salt Lake City, UT 84120
(385)-204-6616 |
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Taking calls 24/7 - 365

April 8, 2010

BIGGER is better...

**NO LONGER AVAILABLE in this size**

Trial run of larger FLAPATAX decals,


March 22, 2010

Flapatax homies...

Customer photos have been moved HERE

Flapatax Mudflaps - Salt Lake City, UT 84120
(385)-204-6616 |
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March 4, 2010

Been kicking around a few design ideas with KK, hopefully we'll be ready to launch something super clean and super easy to navigate later this year (end of summer - mid-fall).

Here's a quick snip-shot of the mock-up and design by KK, while we re-acquaint ourselves with the awesomeness that is Dreamweaver :)

February 25, 2010

When Ordering...

Please specify the following,

1. Year/Make/Model (sedan/wagon/hatchback)
2. Decal color
3. Design of mudflaps, Original or Simplified
4. Color of FLAPATAX (now in White)

*PLEASE NOTE: We suggest removing mudguards before installing your Flapatax Mudflaps. We cannot guarantee fitment if you have mudguards on your car already and it could cause rubbing*

When sending your payment through PayPal please include:
NAME, EMAIL, CAR (Year/Make/Model - sedan/wagon/hatchback/coupe),
DECAL color,
Flapatax color (now in White),
and mudflap DESIGN (Original or Simplified)
  • SHIPPING - I try to have your order shipped within 2-3 business days of receiving it (M-Fri) and have the confirmation number to you same day.
  • COST is $45 picked up ($55 picked up for 08+ Subaru STi Wagons and 11+ WRX Wagons) and $55 shipped ($65 shipped for 08+ Subaru STi Wagons and 11+ WRX Wagons). Prices apply to orders within the US. Please contact us about international shipping rates.

Don't hesitate to email me with any and all questions,
or (my personal email) :)

You can also find me on,

My PayPal is
All sales are FINAL

February 15, 2010

Another One of Mason's Boys

Mason sent one of his '08 Subaru buddies my way for some clean looking FLAPATAX...



Thanks again to my friend Mason Moore, DIRTSTAR, for sending his friends my way and supporting the FLAPATAX movement haha :D

Branching Out...

Adam's super clean 2004 VW R32 GTI...

It was a lot of fun seeing FLAPATAX on this clean R32 and I'm pretty sure Adam was pleased as well :)

He calls it "The Green Monster"

My hardware guy's green monster work truck :) He hooks me up and likes the look and durability of FLAPATAX...

Win, win situation.

January 21, 2010

Great White Hype

Here they are,

Wasn't sure how these would turn out, but damn!! So FRESH and SOOOO clean, clean. Thanks to Mason for ordering a pair of white FLAPATAX - he's definitely peaked the interest of others :)

Thanks to Mason for taking a photo of his clean aspen white WRX wagon,

January 17, 2010

The Basics

More installation goodness...

Click on photos to see full-size

Please excuse the dirty man hands lol

Note, the car pictured does not have wheel liners.
Refer to this post for photos of installation with wheel liners :)

Note, the car pictured has rear spats.

Car pictured is a 2004 Subaru WRX

January 16, 2010

Installing FLAPATAX Mudflaps...

The installation for any and all FLAPATAX Mudflaps is basically the same, the holes are just found in different places. Please don't hesitate to email,, me if you need further instruction!

Install time is 15-20 minutes

1. Notice the hardware

2. Turn the wheels so you have room to work. Remove the clips holding the front wheel well.

3. Pay attention to these 2 holes. Then place the u-nuts on those 2 holes.

4. It should look like this.

5. Place the wheel well back. Then place the flap and bolt in. Make sure it is tight.

6. The front is now done.

The installation of the rears is the same process :)

January 13, 2010

*UPDATE* as of January 13th 2010

So :)

There hasn't been a lot of activity on here, but that doesn't mean there aren't a few changes and improvements. I wanted to address some of the more important things, like shipping, payment and how to get your hands on a set of your very own FLAPATAX.

I also wanted to clear up some things about what my goal with FLAPATAX is as far as "the competition".

I did not start this to dominate a certain market or to necessarily compete with other companies that do the same thing. I went into this wanting a set of mudflaps for my friends and I that were affordable, but also reliable and durable. I definitely believe that I have achieved this and that there is always going to be room for improvement. I value all the opinions and suggestions that I have received from friends and customers, thus far :) In short, am I here to be the next "big thing"? No, at least not intentionally lol.

What I am here to do is provide people with something that is not only affordable, but can stand up to products that cost twice as much.

Now that, that is out of the way lets get down to total cost and shipping.

The PRICE has certainly changed since we started producing them only 6 months ago, but that is only a reflection of the hardware necessary to maintain the simplicity of installation while keeping it tough enough to stand up to some of the elements you guys put them through! :P

What you get:
Set of polyurethane front and rear mudflaps
Hardware to install all 4 mudflaps (+bracket and hardware for 08+ STi/WRX)
and 2 1x2.5inch FLAPATAX decals (Colors available, here - If not specified 2 BLACK decals will be provided)

How much you PAY:

$45 picked up
$55 shipped
$55 picked up - 08+ STi Wagon/11+ WRX Wagon
$65 shipped - 08+ STi Wagon/11+ WRX Wagon

Right now I accept PayPal only via

I know this isn't the most convenient way for you guys to order, but hopefully later this year (mid-summer) we'll have a proper site up and running :)

I use USPS for SHIPPING out orders and try to ship within 2-3 business days (M-Fri) of receiving an order and have the confirmation number to you same day.

There are several places to get a hold of me if not through email. I post on under the usernames - Pumpkyn and FLAPATAX. I also have a vendor section on that can be found here along with photos from other FLAPATAX customers and general discussion.

I also post on,,, and under the username - Pumpkyn

**Also we now have WHITE FLAPATAX available if you're interested**

FLAPATAX Mudflaps - Salt Lake City, UT 84120
(385)-204-6616 |
FOLLOW Us on Twitter @FLAPATAX | Come See Us on FLICKR

For any questions or concerns
PLEASE DON'T HESITATE to email me at:
(or this email is connected to my phone.)